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Some other points to ponder. Are men allowed to wear burqa and niqabs too? If homosexual and transgendered men are allowed to wear it in mosques then yes, thats seems more equal and society should be cool with that. By the way are there any mosques that are welcoming to gays? Jews for Jesus. Location: USA dying to live in Canada. Originally Posted by UrbanLuis. Please register to post and access all features of our very popular forum. It is free and quick. Additional giveaways are planned. Detailed information about all U.

What paperwork, hassles or BS would I encounter moving back to Canada? Canada in Religion , Canada, 12 replies How much of culture sock is it moving to Canada or being in Canada for Americans? Follow City-Data. Twitter :. User Name. Remember Me. View detailed profile Advanced or search site with.

Voters: You may not vote on this poll. Page 14 of Advertisements Quote: Originally Posted by Acajack Out of curiosity: would you be OK with your child's teacher being a woman who wears a full face and body covering with only a screen over her eyes? It is taken from the chapter "The Burka Debate" The Supreme court of Canada ruled on Thursday, December 20 that the niqab would not be permissible in courts of law in the majority of cases.

The excerpt below explores some of the issues associated with the niqab and face veils in Canada, and explains why the practice of veiling must be discouraged in a free and democratic country like Canada. Quote: Originally Posted by jambo PS, i just asked one of my wifes co workers who wears a Chador to her teaching job what she will do if asked by the religion police to not wear such i garment, she says she'll go to jail before giving up her choice of attire, which brings up the whole issue of enforcement if this legislation is passed into law Did I hear about the Pakistani doctors who locked horns with the late general Mohammad Zia ul-Haq when he instituted a Sharia code that mandated the amputation of the hands of thieves?

However, doctors in the Middle East, Africa, Italy, and even England have been known to perform female circumcisions, she says, on the grounds that it will be done properly.

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Similarly in Malaysia, Indonesia. So under the banner of Islam, something which was local. Performed on an estimated two million female children each year—ranging in age from infancy to adolescence—it takes one of three forms or, commonly, a gruesome combination of the three. Circumcision—the mildest form—is the removal of part of the clitoris. Excision is the cutting away of the clitoris and all or part of the vaginal lips.

Infibulation, by far the most horrific procedure, involves the removal of all genital parts, followed by the sewing together of the two sides of the vulva, leaving only a pea-size opening for urine and blood. It is not uncommon for a child to hemorrhage to death, or to develop tetanus or septicemia, because of the crude, unhygienic tools used by some practitioners. Most women who undergo the procedure develop secondary infections or painful, lifelong medical problems, and an estimated 20 percent die in childbirth.

Moreover, F. Nevertheless, F. The operation flourishes in Yemen and Oman, and is common in Malaysia and Indonesia. While current adherents are primarily Muslim, F. In May, the World Health Organization adopted a resolution sponsored by several African countries calling for the elimination of F. In the mids, Weil-Curiel learned that the same barbarism practiced throughout much of Africa was being pursued with equal vigor about 15 minutes from her posh address.

Although the police initially investigated the situation in January , her case is coming to trial only this year, because there was no followup. Several years later, a father rushed into an emergency room with his infant daughter, who was suffering from severe anemia due to hemorrhaging from F. And this time the doctors turned it over to the police. Some doctors call the police. Weil-Curiel says it has been an uphill fight all the way, not only with indifferent doctors and cops but also with a very reluctant judiciary.

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Weil-Curiel says that the Socialists, fearful of inciting even more racism in France, tried to dodge the issue by turning the proverbial blind eye. Bordering on the surreal were the Dutch circumcision follies of last year. In what narrowly missed being an international scandal, the Dutch, in their zeal to be politically correct, seriously considered legalizing female circumcision in the Netherlands.

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The most resistant parties have been the Africans themselves, many of whom continue to cling to the mutilating practice. The most common defense, according to Weil-Curiel, is that, for a good Muslim, excision is a religious duty.

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In fact, the Koran offers no encouragement of the procedure. The strongest considerations involved are economic ones. Many Africans believe that unless females are excised no one will marry them, and they will therefore deprive their family of a dowry.

Moreover, if an African woman is not married, she is commonly deemed worthless. Defendants at the trials for F. They keep phoning each other. The news spreads back to Africa. Right away. We call it Radio Tom-tom. Weil-Curiel recounts the case of a young Malian woman prosecuted earlier this year. It is against French law, and it will have terrible effects upon her health.

Nevertheless, the woman received only a one-year suspended jail term, a sentence which Weil-Curiel maintains is simply laughed at in the community. Otherwise you will be shot.

Because probably a few parents have been shot. Later, in a panic, the father called an ambulance. The child bled to death.

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Currently, Keita is the only exciser behind bars in France. In friends referred a young Malian girl named Aminata to Weil-Curiel. Aminata was seeking refugee status because, she claimed, if she were sent home she would be forcibly excised. But they are wrong when they think immigration will be sudden and massive, because very few women find the courage or the help to leave their families or their country.

So we should encourage those who have the guts to choose exile. Perhaps the thorniest issue in French-Muslim relations is polygamy, a practice outlawed in the West, but legal in most Muslim countries, which allow a man to have as many as four wives. While French law recognizes only one wife, it recognizes all the children that the man has fathered.

Perhaps most infuriating to the French is a popular immigration scam in which all four wives—using the name of the first wife—receive state services. Not here.