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Our customers know they can rely on us to provide them with products that meet their exact requirements. We can tailor the karts to your circuit and to the individuals that will be driving them. Click on the Customisation button below to take a look at the level of customisation we can offer you.

We are very proud to have built up long-standing relationships with our customers. Our sales team are always on hand to provide each customer with support and advice. If you are interested in learning about the latest kart models, new products and technologies we are developing, as well as any special offers, please sign up to our email newsletters here.

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The durable design offers a safe and stable ride for kids. With a new sleek single rider design, the Coleman CK Go Kart offers amazing adventures for kids under age With plenty of power from the 98cc engine, this go kart is raring to go. The bolstered race-inspired seat and four-point safety harness will keep your child locked in behind the wheel while the heavy-duty brush guard will keep them safe. The heavy-duty and gauge tubular construction is sturdy enough for those endless hours of fun for kids of all ages. Ready to Race.

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The rugged design has a load capacity of lbs. It is important to state that no establishment has a lion share of the available market in this industry. The report further stated that, to attract budget-conscious consumers, some industry operators implemented coupons and discounts, which generated awareness about family fun centers and golf driving ranges as a local entertainment option. Additionally, industry operators focused on specializing their product portfolio to attract particular demographics, such as adding bowling alleys to develop a strong customer base among families with older children.

Over and above, starting a Go Kart business in the United States of America can be some worth stressful, it requires enough cash to acquire land large enough to accommodate the kind of facility that can comfortably attract families and also cash required to equip the facility to meet the standard expected by potential users. Our basic aim of setting up the business is to contribute our quota in ensuring that children cum families who reside in Baton Rouge and neighboring cities have a facility for their children to catch fun to the maximum and also to open; a facility highly suitable for family recreation and other related golf driving range activities.

We have been able to secure a standard facility in a central and easy to access location in Baton Rouge — Louisiana. The activities that will be carried out in our facility are go-karting, Batting cages, driving ranges, shooting ranges, kayaking, miniature golf courses, mountain climbing, snowmobiling, and sports clubs, teams and leagues, recreational or youth.

We are well equipped to services the whole family cum community as well as visitors. Before starting the business, we conducted a thorough market research and feasibility studies and we were able to come to the conclusion that Baton Rouge — Louisiana is the right place to open our Go Kart and family Fun Park.

Our golf driving range and family fun facility is specifically designed and built to take care of children as well as parents, we have active childcare services for toddlers and we have membership packages that are highly discounted for families that enrolled with or churches and schools who would want to regularly make use of our facility. We will cultivate a working environment that provides a human, sustainable approach to earning a living, and living in our world, for our partners, employees and for our clients.

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Jim Rowlands has a degree in Business Management coupled with over 7 years hands on experience in the golf driving ranges and family fun centers industry working for some of the leading brands in the United States of America. We are optimistic that everyone who makes use of our golf driving range and family fun facility will definitely derive huge fun and of course value for their money.

We are in this line of business to make profits and we are going to do all that is permitted by the law in the United States to achieve our corporate aim and ambition. These are the services and amenities that will be made available to our clients in our facility;. We want to contribute our quota towards ensuring that Baton Rouge — Louisiana produce some of the happiest children and families in the whole of the United States of America.

We will ensure that we hire people that are qualified, honest, customer centric and are ready to work to help us build a prosperous business that will benefit all the stake holders the owners, workforce, and customers. As a matter of fact, profit-sharing arrangement will be made available to all our senior management staff and it will be based on their performance for a period of ten years or more.

We will provide them with facilities that will help them stay motivated and deliver on their various tasks and goals et al. In view of that, we have made provisions for the following positions to be occupied by highly qualified and experienced staff;. We are aware that there are competitions in the golf driving ranges and family fun centers industry which is why we took out time to conduct an effective SWOT Analysis before investing our hard-earned money into the business. We know that if we get things right before starting our go kart and family recreational center, we will not have to struggle before attract loyal clients and building our membership base to a level where we can easily breakeven in record time.

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We hired the services of a HR and Business consultant with bias in business structuring to help us conduct SWOT analysis for our company and he did a pretty good job for us. We critically looked into our business model and we were able to identify two major weakness. One is the fact that we are a new business and the second is the fact that we may not have the financial resources required to match up with existing golf driving ranges as well as family entertainment and recreation facilities and even government own entertainment and recreation facilities in Louisiana when it comes to acquiring latest Go Karts and generating the needed hypes that can drive traffic towards our facility.

We are centrally located in one of the busiest area and densely populated area in Baton Rouge — Louisiana and we are open to all the available opportunities that the city has to offer. The golf driving range and family fun centers industry has indeed benefited from recent marketing campaigns which is targeted towards encourage people to participate in recreation activities, as well as consumer trends toward healthy living.

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Going forward, many people who are part of the baby boomers generation are expected to sign up for recreational club memberships or make use of recreation facilities in their communities, as they become more family cum health- conscious as they grow older. However, patrons of golf driving ranges and family recreational centers are anticipated to increasingly pick up membership from less expensive golf driving range and family recreational centers as against expensive all-inclusive clubs. The common trend in the golf driving ranges and family fun centers industry is such that if a facility is well — equipped and positioned close to a residential area or a place where people can easily access without much stress, there is the likelihood that the facility will enjoy high patronage.

Just like in other business ventures, the owners of golf driving ranges and family fun centers are always looking for ways to increase their market share; they go as far as signing deals with high schools and also religious organizations et al to make use of their facility on a regular basis.

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