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Jack Parry Derick Williams. The village of Turnbotham Round has the reputation of being the safest place in England with not a single crime committed in 10 years 4 months and 5 days. Which just happens to be the exact same amount of time that Sergeant Samuel Dudfoot Will Hay has been in charge of the local police station. Unfortunately when that information comes to the attention of the Chief Constable he threatens to close the station down and put Dudfoot and his two constables out of work, so it now falls to them to come up with some crime.

Luckily, and unsurprisingly, the very thing they need has been going on under their noses for at least the last 10 years 4 months….

This is a hugely enjoyable yarn about three incompetent and unrepentantly bent coppers who somehow manage to thwart a major smuggling operation. Will Hay and his incompetent gang as village coppers! No other outcome then a comedy classic is possible! And might perhaps be Hay's best too? This is a lot of fun, I've liked Will Hay comedies since I first saw them as a boy, and this one is solid, with snappy, amusing dialogue from the shady, but good-hearted, boys.

Also with the wonderful Graham Moffatt and Moore Marriott. This is a very British comedy, however, and I'm not sure it will travel well. It's like an early prototype of the St Trinians movies, if that paints a picture. Ask a Policeman has Will Hay and his incompetent gang as village police officers. Desmond Llewelyn.

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Edgar, Marriott. Val Guest. John Orton. Sidney Gilliat. Derick Williams.

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Jack Parry. George Hill. Alfred Roome. Louis Levy. Wiles, S. Brooklands Automobile Racing Club.

Policeman's Holiday by Montague Ewing (If you want to know the time, ask a Policeman)

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Search for mobiles. Main navigation for mobiles. Category: Crime Fiction. This classic crime novel by six different authors is introduced by Martin Edwards, archivist of the Detection Club, and includes a never-before-published Preface by Agatha Christie, 'Detective Writers in England', in which she discusses her approach to writing and her fellow writers in the Detection Club. Lord Comstock is a barbarous newspaper tycoon with enemies in high places. His murder in the study of his country house poses a dilemma for the Home Secretary. Suspicion falls upon them all and threatens the impartiality of any police investigation.