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I never knew a thing about Clumber Spaniels before. Now I want one! The most factual book about the spaniel breeds on the market. The writing is a breath of fresh air for those who are always on the lookout for accurate information about the rare spaniels. I especially enjoyed the chapters on the Irish Water Spaniel and the Sussex Spaniel, two breeds near and dear to my heart. I found myself nodding "Oh, yes!

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It is a terrific addition to the "spaniel literature". She has written several animal-oriented books and numerous pet-related magazine articles. A dog crate also enables the dog to tag along during trips due to the convenience it provides. In this way, your pet will not be left at home alone when you go out which will have a positive impact on its well-being.

Given the highly social nature of dogs, it is important that they feel like they are part of your family and this can be done by ensuring that they spend a lot of time indoors as opposed to being left in the outdoors. By using a dog crate to confine your dog, you can have the dog stay inside even when nobody is around to supervise it as you can be assured of its safety and it will feel that it is part of the family.

Leaving a dog in the outdoors makes it begin to exhibit some problem behaviors such as digging and barking which are caused by its isolation.

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You can leave one in your car for use during traveling and have another crate in the house which your dog can use when it is indoors. In this way, you will do away with the need to carry huge crates in and out of the house each time you want to travel with your dog. If you wish to use the crate as a means of travel for your dog, look for something portable. It is advisable that you seek the help of a professional trainer who will help you make the right decision when it comes to your dog.

If you travel with your dog a lot, look for a crate which is easy to break down, light in weight and one that does not take up much space in the car. Soft crates are the best for use during travel and you should look for crates that will protect your dog in the case of a car crash. Many soft-sided and plastic kennels are approved for use by airlines but you should check with the airline you wish to use to confirm the specifics of air approved crates for your dog's size.

They each have their benefits and are suitable for particular needs. For example, a single door folding crate is an affordable option if you have a good spot for the crate that only requires a single entry. If your chosen area for the crate needs a side door configuration, the double door is an excellent choice. For dogs with a tendency to chew or anxious dogs, do not use a soft crate which they can chew through. Opt for a more durable, heavy duty product such as a plastic crate which can withstand the effects of chewing. However, there are dogs which can be really destructive and you should monitor your dog care within the first few weeks of crating in order to tell whether it can chew through the crate material or not.

Having a distraction in the crate such as a toy or some dry dog food or treats can help reduce the amount of chewing. Soft-sided and wire dog crates are very easy to set up and break down and are great choices if you do not plan to use the crate a lot.


Plastic dog crates are harder to set up and break down and can be used if you have adequate room for storage. For hot places, go for a wire crate as this will allow air circulation, keeping your dog cool. To protect your dog from the sun, you can place a towel on top of the crate and you can have a fan installed in the crate for added cooling. The size of your crate will also affect the ease of storage and you should take that into consideration.

If you plan on crating your dog for a small amount of time as you run a few errands, you can use a soft-sided crate. It takes a few minutes for a determined dog to break free from a soft-sided crate so should you choose to get one, be sure to monitor your dog. Your choice of crate will be dependent on factors such as its purpose, the size of your pet, the nature of your dog, and the amount of time that your dog will spend in the crate. These types of crates are made of soft mesh material or a material with similar features to mesh.

They come in different shapes and sizes and are a common option among dog owners as they are affordable, easy to carry due to their light weight and dogs adapt to them with ease. They are easy to use with your dog for airline travel as most approve of these kinds of crates for use in cabins.

They are also convenient to carry around because they are not heavy and storage is easy as they are easy to collapse. A huge plus with these crates is that most dogs love them.

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They are also very hard to clean and should not be used for dogs which are yet to learn how to control their bowel movements. These are sturdier as compared to soft-sided crates and they offer your dog more privacy when compared to wire dog crates. The downside to using these crates is that they have poor ventilation and you cannot keep your dog in them for long.

They are easy to clean because of the material used and they provide your dog with the feeling of being in a den. Approved by most airlines, you can use them when traveling with your dog. They are also very durable and cannot be damaged by dogs. These are made of heavy duty metal wires and they are ideal for dogs who love to chew on things as they cannot damage the wire crate. They allow a lot of air circulation, allowing you to leave your dog in the crate for long periods. Heavy duty wire crates from manufacturers such as Midwest are very durable, as they cannot be chewed through and they do not absorb odors, keeping them free of dog smells.

The high visibility is not ideal for reactive dogs that can get anxious easily and their heaviness makes them hard to carry.

They are great for use in the indoors. They are not easy to clean though and their mobility is limited due to their heaviness. Most dogs also do not respond to these crates well. They are more expensive when compared to other crates and they can be ruined if your dog loves to chew and scratch things.

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These crates combine the features of both metal dog crates with plastic or wooden crates and they come in different sizes. They come equipped with wheels at the bottom to make traveling easy and they have easy access doors. If you feel that your dog is feeling low or anxious while in the crate, get it a few toys that it can chew on or play with. Playing with toys is a form of exercise that enables your dog to relieve itself of stress that it may be going through. It gives your dog a chance to use up all that stored energy and we all know how good a tired dog is.

Its anxiety will go down and it will stay fit in the process. If a lot is going on around your dog, having a toy helps it distract itself from the activities around it, helping it keep calm. Being in a small crate that hinders it from stretching out can make it anxious and it is important to check the size that will work well for your dog. For example, some young puppies will need bedding as they are more likely to sleep better this way. Others will rip up the bedding and make a mess of it.

Before you decide to get a dog bed for your dog, start small with something inexpensive and figure out if your dog needs bedding or not. When it comes to older dogs and sore dogs, bedding is necessary. Get bedding that is sturdy and in the case of older dogs, get waterproof bedding as they are likely to soil themselves. So far you have learned a lot about what kind of crate you should purchase. This section will briefly discuss how to crate train your dog to maximize its benefits. A crate can be a scary thing for a young puppy. Although some puppies will gladly enter the crate the first time they see one, others may refuse to do so. If the puppy shows any signs of fear or discomfort towards the crate, we should never force him to interact or get closer to it. We need to start with baby steps and reward any I mean, literally any! In the beginning, this could mean a brief look in its direction. If the puppy looks at the crate, you can mark by using a clicker or a specific word and reward that behavior.

Try to use high-value rewards, such as a yummy treat, a small piece of boiled chicken or dried liver. If he walks towards the crate or shows interest in exploring it, you should also mark that behavior and reward it.

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  6. Keep rewarding anything that he does that has anything to do with the crate looking at it, sniffing it, moving his body towards it, taking a step in its direction, etc. When the puppy is comfortable being near the crate, you can throw a treat so that it falls inside it; most puppies will walk in its direction and end up entering the crate. If he refuses to enter and ignores the treat, repeat the process, but, this time, try to place the treat closer to the door.

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    By doing this, the puppy remains inside it and receives lots of tasty rewards for doing so. Once the puppy feels comfortable inside the crate, you can start to close the door. First, you close the door for just a few seconds, give him a treat and then open the door. Then, you can gradually increase the time in which you keep the door closed. However, if he seems really stressed and scared, open the door and let him out. If this is the case, you have to take a few steps back and repeat the whole process. Crates come in different sizes and getting the right size for your dog allows it to have the ability to stand and turn whilst in the crate.

    To get the right measurements for your dog, you can use the chart at the top of this page that will enable you to tell just how much big a crate you need. The correct dog crate should allow your dog to stand at its full height and stretch itself while in a sleeping position without getting squeezed. If you are getting a crate for your puppy, get one with a dividing panel which allows you to adjust the size of the crate as the puppy grows.

    In choosing the perfect size for your dog, you will require to look into factors such as the purpose of your purchase as well as the amount of time that your dog will spend in the crate. A dog crate is not a jail to your dog but rather it is a means of providing your dog with a place to seek shelter when it needs to be alone.